What additional programs or benefits would you extend to members to promote the VALUE of being an ARMA member?

11 thoughts on “What additional programs or benefits would you extend to members to promote the VALUE of being an ARMA member?”

  1. First, I want to make it as easy as possible to have new members attend the international conference, because one of the best ways to spread excitement is to experience the very best that ARMA has to offer. Then I want to continue to expand the mentorship program, because I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the mentors in my life. Lastly, I want to increase informal networking opportunities, because one of the best assets of ARMA is its community.

  2. Please bear with me, I know this is a long response.

    Rather than adding a program or benefit, we should reinforce the benefits and value of our chapter meetings. We need to be more strategic on how to market and communicate this valuable resource as it would require a rapid paradigm shift. ARMA is one of the few organizations that continues to offer face-to-face meetings. So, this should become our niche, our value-add.

    Yes, we are in the middle of a massive digital transformation. However, it’s not just about technology and on-demand platforms that concern. We continue to hear and read about the “Human Element” as the challenge. It’s how we collaborate as humans, not technology, that will have a crucial role in a successful digital transformation. It’s the human element that is needed to navigate the complexities of our business transformation successfully. It’s the human element that will be required to build strategic partnerships among multiple stakeholders inside and outside the organization.

    Our ARMA Chapter meetings offer that learning opportunity to work on the human side of our professional and leadership development. We need to put more emphasis, that by consistently being engaged and attending a chapter meeting, members have the opportunity to learn and develop any human skill (soft skill) that they would like to develop. You name the soft skill, ARMA Chapter meetings can help you enhance it. It’s an excellent opportunity to grow and expand our professional skills through skills-based volunteering by providing us with learning opportunities that we may not get to develop in our current job or level.

    The human skills are essential to becoming a high performer or moving up in your company as they are valued even if you decide to pursue other opportunities.
    It doesn’t matter what stage of development you are in your professional career. A young professional, just starting your career, a mid-career professional, a late-career expert, or near-retirement professional. So, no matter where you are in your career, you can put yourself in various stretch opportunities that support your “human skill” learning.

    We can learn theories and concepts through webinars, classroom training, books, and publications. The ARMA chapters will provide us the opportunity to learn new behaviors, gain hands-on experience, and exposure through situation-specific and often unique challenges in a safe environment. All of these experiences and opportunities will be the stepping-stone to even higher growth in the future.

  3. Hello ARMA Leaders! Let’s make this interactive. Please click the red “Reply–>” and share your questions. I will respond!

    First, I would increase the investment in local chapters at a professional and student level. Local networking and conferences is exciting and truly impacts retention! It impressed me most when I joined ARMA. The investment could be in the form of funding to raffle tickets, by hosting focus meetings with local chapter leaders, and/or by offering online professional courses for local leaderships.

    Second, informational videos from ARMA on social media about various newsworthy topics or industry trends would be a great added value. Not only does it allow members to feel more connected with the international board and corporate office, it would also increase public awareness.

    Please the red “Reply–>” and share your questions or suggestions below!

  4. Information professionals work in a variety of environments, from companies that provide a large amount of support to companies that hire a single “titled” individual to manage information. With that in mind, a “one size fits all” approach on practices for managing information is not going to reflect the realities of these differing environments. Instead, while ARMA should continue to promote and establish “best practices,” these differences should be considered when offering or developing materials so that it better aligns with business realities.

    Develop a leadership program to which members can apply. Those accepted will participate in a one-year program with monthly topics that focus on leadership and business acumen. There will be a mix of presentations from key business leaders in the field with follow-up discussions and activities.

    1. Soo, How might you break down the “one size fits all” approach into something more valuable for a variety of “differing environments”?

      1. Hi Wendy –

        Webinars and presentations at conferences should have tracks dedicated to those who lack tools and support personnel. Practical tips from those who have managed from the trenches and can pass on their experiences of what worked and what did not.

        Additionally, I can envision publications or web resources broken out based on the following differing environments:
        • I have a budget for tools and personnel;
        • I have no budget for tools;
        • I have no budget for supporting personnel; and
        • I have no budget.
        While these resources can be searched individually via keyword search, there is also the option to filter by those differing environments. This way, when members are searching for resources, they are not inundated by results that are so far removed from their situation.

  5. Our membership is our greatest asset, so we need to make every effort to be as inclusive as possible keeping in mind the organization is represented by various industries, size companies, time zones and generations.

    ARMA has so much to offer between local/International educational sessions (technical, leadership, soft-skills), certifications, mentorships, and scholarships but unfortunately many of our members can’t take advantage of these for various reasons. If members in good standing are having difficulties being engaged with ARMA, how are we ever going to increase our membership? Why not show our current members how much we value them by bringing ARMA to them?

    I would like to see ARMA offer more virtual events. I recognize the importance and impact of in person meetings, however as someone who now travels for work, I know how hard it can be to attend ARMA events in person. I also hear from colleagues whose organizations are running on bare minimum staffing, not allowing them the time it takes to attend meetings in person, and others whose organizations no longer fund their membership, so purse strings are tight preventing many from making the trip to the annual conference. Having more virtual events, whether live feeds or recordings for future playback, fills a gap I feel must be filled in order to have more participation and a sense of inclusion and value.

  6. The new ARMA website has been a great improvement on the previous one. Would any of the candidates be willing to comment on whether the pop ups users are confronted with when accessing arma.org and IM Magazine could be removed?

    1. Allan, like Tyrene I’m not totally opposed to pop ups, either. When you are running a not-for-profit organization and have business partners willing to sponsor you, whether it’s sponsoring an event, website, training, etc., allowing our business partners the opportunity to advertise their services is a small ask. I would like to see the business partners chosen be tied to our industry so the pop ups or advertising they have been guaranteed is relevant. That said, if the pop ups are distracting to our members, perhaps the advertising can be done via a different method, as in perhaps a banner running along the side or bottom of the web page. Just a thought. Thank you for your question.

  7. Hi Allan, thanks so much for your question!

    I am not opposed to pop-ups in totality. What does concern me is the lack of transparency, dialogue, and relevancy. I want all members to know the selection process and reasons behind the chooses ARMA makes, be it pops or promotion or any other issue that matters.

    I, for one, have found at least a few products advertised in the pop ups to be of interest to me, but not as many as I’d like.

    1. …. and I would love a new spell checker! 🙂

      I mean to say “I want all member to know the selection process and reasons behind the CHOICES ARMA makes, be it POP-UPS or promotion, or any other issue that matters.”

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